The database of Eurasian phonological inventories (beta version)

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The database of Eurasian phonological inventories (beta version)

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Over at
This site is an interface to the database of Eurasian phonological inventories. The database was conceived and implemented by Dmitry Nikolaev (dsnikolaev [at] gmail [dot] com) with contributions from Andrey Nikulin and Anton Kukhto and financial support from Foundation for fundamental studies in linguistics. The database includes inventories and additional data for 416 language varieties of Eurasia, including 388 languages and 28 dialects, with around 150 languages planned for inclusion. The data were gleaned from grammatical descriptions of individual language varieties and reference works on language families. No recycling of existing databases was undertaken.
It is free software, accessible at GitHub.

By Nikolaev, Dmitry; Andrey Nikulin; and Anton Kukhto. 2015.

You can read the introductory paper by Dmitry Nikolaev.
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