Let’s solve the language issue in Europe

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Cheng-Zhong Su 78
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Let’s solve the language issue in Europe

Post by Cheng-Zhong Su 78 » Wed Nov 06, 2013 3:35 pm

Let’s solve the language issue in Europe
The language war has lasted thousands of years. Why it couldn't be solved? Because the linguists didn't know what is language. Once we understand the truth of language, everybody knows what to do. The language war will finished forever.

Day Brown
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Re: Let’s solve the language issue in Europe

Post by Day Brown » Fri Dec 27, 2013 1:57 am

100,000 Ancient documents that've been sitting in British, French, and German museum cellars are being put online with the Chinese archive. I'd hate to stake out intellectual turf on this right now. Nobody is talking about it, but drones are being flown over ancient routes thru the desert. People drop stuff. If you recall, they found a mail bag from 331 AD in the Kara Kum. Between the drones & ground radar, the amount of data will be mind boggling.

Just like a crash scene on the freeway, after the bandits hit a camel train, somebody comes by to pick thru it, clean it up, bury the dead... and throw away the documents; which are then covered by a sand dune. Til the Drone comes by. Somewhere out there in the Kara Kum is the explanation of why Tocharian is a Centum while all the others are Satem languages. European answers are preserved in Central Asian deserts.

Aryan affected many European languages in widely dispersed places and times. But everyone knew who had the mojo. But when the horse brought Aryans in contact with Harrapan life, it all come down gonzo faster and the intereaction was with an equally advanced and organized culture. So, Sanskrit, which we all know was fundamentally different, will reveal something of the transition timing and speed. Moreover, we have Tocharian, a 3rd source to triangulate from. We have nothing like this in Europe.

There was a time, when if you wanted to understand nuclear physics, you needed to know German; and a time, that if it was philosophy, it was Sanskrit. That vocabulary went from East to West, as it still does. The Tocharian word for 'Karmapath' is 'Karmapath' in English too.

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