Late Proto-Indo-European Etymological Lexicon - Forum Rules

Comments, suggestions and help with the Indo-European Lexicon, by Fernando López-Menchero, and related projects.
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Late Proto-Indo-European Etymological Lexicon - Forum Rules

Post by administrator » Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:53 am

These are the rules for posting in the Late Proto-Indo-European Etymological Lexicon Forum.

The work was authored and is being constantly updated by Fernando López-Menchero. It is found at: ... -language/

This is the right forum for discussion of:
  • Appropriate or alternative etymologies
  • Appropriate or alternative forms
  • Appropriate or alternative roots
  • Appropriate or alternative meanings
  • Appropriate or alternative declensions and conjugations
For other questions outside lexical units, like morphology or syntax, you should probably refer to the appropriate threads.

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