William - Willhelm - Guillaume - Guillermo - Willem -Vilhelm

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William - Willhelm - Guillaume - Guillermo - Willem -Vilhelm

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Male proper name, from O.N.Fr. Willaume, Norman form of Fr. Guillaume, of Gmc. origin, from O.H.G. Willahelm, from O.H.G. willo, willio "will" and helma "helmet." After the Conquest, the most popular given name in England until supplanted by John.

1) First element from Gmc. *wilja-, from PIE wilio-, "will"; cf. Skt. vrnoti "chooses, prefers," varyah "to be chosen, eligible, excellent," varanam "choosing;" Avestan verenav- "to wish, will, choose;" Gk. elpis "hope;" L. uolo, uelle "to wish, will, desire;" O.C.S. voljo, voliti "to will," veljo, veleti "to command;" Lith. velyti "to wish, favor," pa-vel-mi "I will," viliuos "I hope;" Welsh gwell "better", and so on.

2) Second element from Gmc. *khelmaz, PIE kelmos, from PIE root kel- "cover,hide"; cf. cf. Skt. cala "hut, house, hall;" Gk. kalia "hut, nest," kalyptein "to cover," koleon "sheath," kelyphos "shell, husk;" L. cella "store room," clam "secret;" O.Ir. cuile "cellar," celim "hide," M.Ir. cul "defense, shelter;" Goth. hulistr "covering," O.E. heolstor "lurking-hole, cave, covering," Goth. huljan "cover over," hulundi "hole," hilms "helmet," halja "hell," O.E. hol "cave," holu "husk, pod".

From Gmc. *Wiljakhelmaz, therefore MIE Wiliokélmos.

Equivalents: William, Willhelm, Vilhjálmur, Guillaume, Willem, Vilhelm, Uiliam, Uilleam, Gwilym, Gwillim, Guillermo, Guglielmo, Guilherme, Vilém, Villem, Vilhelmi, Vilmos, Vilgelm, etc.
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