Modern Indo-European conventions: writing system, transcription of phonemes and loanwords, accent, etc. Etymological reconstruction of European names and common loanwords into Europe's Indo-European.
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Male proper name, from Fr. Timothée, from L. Timotheus, from Gk. Timotheos, lit. "honoring God".

1) First element from Gk. τιμή (tīmē), first declension, from Indo-European qīmā, from PIE root qei- "value, honor".

2) Second element from Gk. θεός (theós) “god”; because of Lith. dvasià “ghost”, M.H.G. getwüs “ghost” and forms as Gk. θέσ-φατος “ spoken from god “, θεσπέσιος, θέσπις “divine”, reconstructed as Proto-Greek *θFεσός from PIE dhwesós, after Hirt.

Therefore reconstructed Proto-Greek kʷīmo-thwesos, giving Indo-European Qīmodhwésos.

* Catalan: Timoteu
* Danish: Timotheus, Tim
* Finnish: Timo, Timoteus
* French: Timothée
* German: Tim, Timo, Timotheus
* Italian: Timoteo
* Norwegian: Timoteus, Tim
* Russian: Тимофей ( Timoféj )
* Spanish: Timoteo
* Swedish: Timoteus, Tim
Carlos Quiles - Academia Prisca

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