Theodore - Théodore - Theodor - Teodoro - Teodor - Fjódor

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Theodore - Théodore - Theodor - Teodoro - Teodor - Fjódor

Post by cquiles » Wed Apr 30, 2008 6:55 pm

Masc. proper name, from L. Theodorus, from Gk. Theodoros, lit. "gift of god"

1) First element from θεός (theós) “god”; because of Lith. dvasià “ghost”, M.H.G. getwüs “ghost” and forms as Gk. θέσ-φατος “ spoken from god “, θεσπέσιος, θέσπις “divine”, reconstructed as Proto-Greek *θFεσός from PIE dhwesós, after Hirt [therefore related to Hom. θέειον and θέιον (with metr. lengthening to θήιον), Att. θεῖον "sulphur steam, sulphur" (*θFεσ-(ε)ιον?)]. Usually, however, said to be from IE dhesós, from PIE root dhē-, as Lat. fēria (O.Lat. fēsia < PIE dhēsiā).

2) Second element from Gk. δῶρον dōron, "gift", from IE dōrom, in turn from PIE , "give".

Therefore from Proto-Greek θFεσο-δῶρος (thweso-dōros), thus reconstructible as IE Dhwesodṓros.

Equivalents: Theodore, Théodore, Theodor, Teodor, Фёдор (Fjódor), Teodoro, etc.
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