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Richard - Ricardo - Riccardo - Rikard - Rickard - Ryszard

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Masc. proper name, M.E. Rycharde, from O.Fr. Richard, from O.H.G. Ricohard. One of the most popular names introduced by the Normans.

1) First element from P.Gmc. *rīkijaz(cf. O.N. rikr, O.H.G. rihhi "ruler, powerful, rich," O.Fris. rike, Du. rijk, Ger. reich "rich," Goth. reiks "ruler, powerful, rich"), possibly through Celtic rik-, in any case ultimately from PIE rēgios, "mighty, rich, ruler".

2) Second element from Gmc. *kharthuz, "hard", cf. O.E. heard "solid, firm, not soft", also "severe, rigorous, cruel", Du. hard, O.N. harðr "hard", O.H.G. harto "extremely, very", Goth. hardus "hard"; from PIE kratus "power, strength", cf. Gk. kratos "strength", kratys , "strong". The adv. sense was also present in O.E. Hard of hearing preserves obsolete M.E. sense of "having difficulty in doing something."

Therefore Gmc. Rikija-kharthuz, reconstructible as MIE Rēgiokártus, or (probably) PIE proper Rēgiokrátus, "strong ruler".

Equivalents: Richard, Richárd, Ríkharður, Ricardo, Riccardo, Rikard, Ryszard, Riciard, Riciardu, Ричард, Rickard, Rhisiart, Rijkaard, Rikhard, Riku, etc.
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