Oliver - Olivier - Óliver

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Oliver - Olivier - Óliver

Post by cquiles » Tue Apr 29, 2008 8:17 pm

Masc. personal name, from Fr. Olivier, from M.L.G. Alfihar, lit. "elf-host". Cognate with O.E. name Ælfhere, lit. "elf-army". Influenced in French by O.Fr. olivier (from Lat. olivarius), "olive tree".

1) First element from Gmc. *albi, "elf", from IE albhos, white.

2) Second element from Gmc. *khari-, "host, army", from IE root koro-, korio-, war, warrior, cf. Lith. karas "war, quarrel", karias "host, army"; O.C.S. kara "strife"; M.Ir. cuire "troop"; O.Pers. kara "host, people, army"; Gk. koiranos "ruler, leader, commander"; and so on.

Thus probably translated as Modern Indo-European Albhikórios, lit. "white(people)-army".
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