Louis - Ludwig - Ludvig - Luis - Luigi - Luiz - Ludovicus

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Louis - Ludwig - Ludvig - Luis - Luigi - Luiz - Ludovicus

Post by cquiles » Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:19 pm

Royal masc. proper name, from Fr. Louis, from O.Fr. Loois, probably via M.L. Ludovicus, latinized version of O.H.G. Hluodowig (Ger. Ludwig), lit. "famous in war".

1) First element from P.Gmc. *hluda-, IE kludho-, "heard of, famous"; cf. Eng. loud, listen.

2) Second element from Gmc. *wiga, "war", from IE wiko-; cf. O.E. wigan, "fight", Lat. victor, "conqueror", O.C.S. veku, "strength, power, age", and so on.

Reconstructible as IE Kludhowíkos, "famous-(in)-conquer".

Equivalents: Louis, Ludwig, Ludvig, Lúðvík, Ludwik, Luis, Ludvík, Luiz, Luigi, Lodewijk, Lajos, etc.
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