Hugh - Hugues - Hugo - Hughes - Huugo - Howe

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Hugh - Hugues - Hugo - Hughes - Huugo - Howe

Post by cquiles » Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:53 pm

Old French short form of Germanic names beginning with the element hug- "heart, mind", such as Hubert. cf. O.H.G. Hugi, related to hugu "mind, soul, thought" Very popular after the Conquest (often in L. form Hugo); the common form was Howe, the nickname form Hudd. Its popularity is attested by the more than 90 surnames formed from it, including Hughes, Howe, Hudson, Hewitt, Hutchins, etc.

From Proto-Germanic *khugi-, *khugiz, st. M. (i), "mind, soul, thought", with no known cognates in -ghi outside Germanic, but probably related to PIE root (s)keu-, "notice, observe, feel; hear", found e.g. in O. Eng. hīeran (Eng. hear), O.Eng. scēawian (Eng. show), etc.

Therefore reconstructible as IE Kúghis, "mind, soul, thought", Kughi- in compounds.
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