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Modern Indo-European conventions: writing system, transcription of phonemes and loanwords, accent, etc. Etymological reconstruction of European names and common loanwords into Europe's Indo-European.
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Henry - Henri - Heinrich - Harry - Enzo - Enrique - Enrico

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Masc. personal name, a familiar form of Henry (q.v.). From Fr. Henri, from L.L. Henricus, from Ger. Heinrich, from O.H.G. Heimerich, lit. "the ruler of the house". One of the most popular Norman names after the Conquest.

1) First element heim, "home", from P.Gmc. *khaim- (cf. O.Fris. hem "home, village," O.N. heimr "residence, world," heima "home," Ger. heim "home," Goth. haims "village"), thus PIE koimo-. Kluge s.v. heim puts this complex to PIE kei- "dwell'"(POK 626; = *tkei-, cf. Beekes 169-70), cf. Skt. kseti "dwell", Gr. eu-ktimenos "well built", therefore properly MIE (t)koimo-.

2) Second element from P.Gmc. *rīkijaz (cf. O.N. rikr, O.H.G. rihhi "ruler, powerful, rich," O.Fris. rike, Du. rijk, Ger. reich "rich," Goth. reiks "ruler, powerful, rich"), possibly through Celtic rik-, in any case ultimately from PIE rēgios, "mighty, rich, ruler".

Reconstructible as Koimorḗgios in Modern Indo-European, from Gmc. *khaima-rīkijaz, from PIE tkóimo-rḗgios.

Equivalents: Henry, Henri, Henrik, Heinrich, Harry, Harri, Enrique, Enrico, Enric, Jindřich, Hendrik, Heikki, Heng, Henryk, Henrique, Genrikh, etc.

NOTE: Weekley takes the overwhelming number of Harris, Harrison surnames as evidence that "Harry," not "Henry," was the M.E. pronunciation of Henry. Also cf. Harriet, Eng. equivalent of Fr. Henriette, fem. dim. of Henri. Nautical slang Harriet Lane "preserved meat" (1896) refers to a famous murder victim whose killer allegedly chopped up her body. The Harris in Harris tweed (1892) is from the name of the southern section of the island of Lewis with Harris in the Outer Hebrides; originally it referred to fabric produced by the inhabitants there, later a proprietary name.
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