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George - Georgi - Jorgen - Georg - Jorge - Giorgi - Jurij

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Male personal name, of an early saint, extended through Latin Georgius and Ancient Greek Γεώργιος , Georgios "husbandman, farmer," from ge"earth" + ergon "work". The name introduced in England by the Crusaders (a vision of St. George played a key role in the First Crusade), but not common until after the Hanoverian succession (18c.); so also Georgian (1855) in reference to the reigns of the first four king Georges (1714-1830). St. George began to be recognized as patron of England in time of Edward III, perhaps because of his association with the Order of the Garter (see garter). His feast day, April 23, was made a holiday in 1222. The legend of his combat with the dragon is first found in "Legenda Aurea" (13c.). The exclamation by (St.) George! is recorded from 1598.

1) First element from Gk. f. γῆ, (genitive γῆς, first declension), and geō-, both related to γαῖα, (earth), and Goddess Γαῖα, meaning "Earth" (said to be derived from Proto-Gk. ge + PIE aia, mother; no known relatives outside Greek. Thus MIE ge-, -, geō-.
[NOTE: Greek goddess Ge- has been related to Summerian Ki-, also meaning "Earth"]

2) Second element from o-grade of common Greek ἔργον (cf. older Doric ϝέργον and Elean ϝάργον) "work", PIE wergo-; compare also Gmc. *werkan (cf. O.S., O.Fris., Du. werk, O.N. verk, M.Du. warc, O.H.G. werah, Ger. Werk, Goth. gawaurki), Avestan vareza "work, activity;" Armenian gorc "work;" Lith. verziu "tie, fasten, squeeze," vargas "need, distress;" O.C.S. vragu "enemy", etc.

Therefore Ancient Greek Geōrgios reconstructible as Proto-Greek and Indo-European Gewórgios, "earth-worker, farmer".

Equivalents: Gjergj, George, Georgi, Jorgen, Georg, Gēorg, Jorge, Giorgi, Jurij,Gorka, Jurgi, Jordi, Jòrdi, Jòrgi, Георги, Đurađ, Jure, Jørgen, Georg, Jiří, Joris, Jurriaan, Sjors, Jurgen, George, Goris, Jüri, Jorgen, Georges, Jorioz, Jore, Yrjö, Jörn, Joren, Jurg, Xurxo, Γεώργιος (Geórgios), Γιώργος (Giórgos), György, Jörgen, Seoirse, Iorio, Juris, Jurģis, Georgs, Jorens, Jurgis, Ġorġ, Shorys, Jerzy, ﺟﻮﺭﺝ (jorj), Gheorghe, Iorghu, Iorgu, Юрий (Júrij), Георгий (Geórgij), Егор (Jegór), Егорий (Jegórij), Seòras, Seòrsa, Deòrsa, Dod, Ђорђе, Ђурађ,Đorđe, Đurađ, Juraj, Jure, Jurij, Juraj, Georgius, Göran, Jorj, Георгій (Georgij), Георгіие (Georgiye), Юра (Jura), Siôrs, Siôr, Siors, Siorys, etc.
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