Modern Indo-European conventions: writing system, transcription of phonemes and loanwords, accent, etc. Etymological reconstruction of European names and common loanwords into Europe's Indo-European.
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Male proper name, from Fr. François, from O.Fr. Franceis, from L.L. franciscus, lit. "Frankish," cognate with French and frank.

No known relatives outside Germanic. Transliterated in MIE as Fránkiskos, "Frankish, frank", the Indo-Europeanized term Prángiskos should be preferred, though.

* Czech: František m.
* Danish: Frans
* Dutch: Frans, Francis, Franciscus
* French: François, Francis
* German: Franz
* Hungarian: Ferenc
* Italian: Francesco
* Latin: Franciscus
* Maltese: Franġisk, Frans
* Norwegian: Frans
* Polish: Franciszek
* Slovakian: František
* Spanish: Francisco
* Swedish: Frans
Carlos Quiles - Academia Prisca

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