Ferdinand - Fernand - Fernando - Hernando - Ferdinandus

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Ferdinand - Fernand - Fernando - Hernando - Ferdinandus

Post by cquiles » Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:03 pm

Male given name, best known for a 13th century king of Spain - of Visigothic origin -, appearing in French, Portuguese, Occitan and Italian as well, but not popular in English.

1) First term usually translated as from P.Gmc. *farthi-, abstract noun from base *far- (PIE por-) "to fare, travel", from PIE por-ti-; sometimes considered as from Gmc. frith-, "peace", from IE pri-ti- , though.

2) Second element possibly related to O.E. neðan, O.H.G. nendan, "to risk, venture"; therefore Lat. -nandus, reconstructed as Gmc. *nanth-a-z, "bold, daring".
[A possible cognate outside Germanic is O.Ir. néit 'battle' (<*nant-i-) [POK 755]. The limited distribution of the IE root *nant- suggest the likelyhood of a substrate origin. Unclear is Toch.A. nati, 'might, strength', cf. Lehmann e.g. Goth. anananjan.] Thus Gmc. *nantha- is reconstructible as PIE nanto-.

The proper MIE name should thus be translated as Portinántos, "journey-prepared", from Gmc. *Farthinanthaz, or doubtedly Pritinántos, "peace-prepared", from Gmc. *Frithinanthaz.

Equivalents: Ferdinand, Fernand, Fernando, Hernando, Ferdinandus, Veeti, etc.
Carlos Quiles - Academia Prisca

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