Modern Indo-European conventions: writing system, transcription of phonemes and loanwords, accent, etc. Etymological reconstruction of European names and common loanwords into Europe's Indo-European.
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Male proper name, from Late Latin Dominicus, "of the Lord", equivalent to Gk. Kuriakós, derived from Lat. dominus "lord".

From PIE u-stem dom(ō)us, "house" (cf. Lat. domus, domūs; O.Ir. dom-, dam-, O.C.S. domъ, O.Russ. domovь, Arm. tanu, etc.); into dómūnos, "house-lord" (cf. O.Ind. damūnas, "housemate", Lat. dominus, "lord"), and adjective domūnikós, "of the (house-)lord", from which Modern Indo-European proper name Dómūnikos.

* Catalan: Domènech
* Czech: Dominik
* French: Dominique
* German: Dominik
* Italian: Domenico
* Lithuanian: Dominykas
* Spanish: Domingo
Carlos Quiles - Academia Prisca

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