Alex - Alexis - Alexej - Alexios - Aleixo - Alessio -Alexius

Modern Indo-European conventions: writing system, transcription of phonemes and loanwords, accent, etc. Etymological reconstruction of European names and common loanwords into Europe's Indo-European.
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Alex - Alexis - Alexej - Alexios - Aleixo - Alessio -Alexius

Post by cquiles » Wed Apr 30, 2008 6:36 pm

Male given name, from Latin Alexius, from Ancient Greek Αλέξιος, "helper, defender". Name of a fifth century saint, famous in the Greek Orthodox Church.

From Ancient Greek ἀλέξω (aléxō), "to ward off, keep off, turn (something) away, defend, protect", from PIE aléqsō, cf. Gk. alkimos "strong", Skt. raksati "protects", O.E. ealgian "to defend", etc.

Translated as IE Aléqsios, "guard, helper, defender".

Equivalents: Alex, Alexis, Αλέξιος (Aléxios), Ալեքսիյ (Aleksiy), Aleš, Alexej, Alexius, Aleksi, Aleksis, Alessio, Алексей, Aleksej, Aleixo, Alejo, etc.
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