The Morphology of Proto-Indo-European by Anthony Yates

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The Morphology of Proto-Indo-European by Anthony Yates

Post by cquiles » Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:28 am

The Morphology of Proto-Indo-European, by Anthony Yates (2017?) is a short introduction into Proto-Indo-European morphology, to appear in the Handbook of Comparative and Historical Indo-European Linguistics (edd. J. Klein & B. Joseph). ... o-European

As always, it is difficult to say which PIE is being reconstructed (I see more or less a mix of PIH and Late PIE phonetic and morphological developments, with some reconstructions being doubtfully from a later, ancient Indo-European dialectal stage).

Nevertheless, it is a good free summary, and an example of the traditional state of the art in this kind of books.
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