Topography of the steppe kurgans of the bronze age of the Lower don

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Topography of the steppe kurgans of the bronze age of the Lower don

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Файферт А.В. Топография степных курганов эпохи бронзы Нижнего Подонья. Поиск курганов на местности

Faifert A. Topography of the steppe kurgans of the bronze age of the Lower don. Search kurgans on the ground (In Russian + illustrations)
The article considers some new field and statistical data and results of archaeological excavations investigated problems topography of mounds Don region Bronze Age burial mound of Pit Grave culture and earlier burials, their architecture, methods of construction, quantitative characteristics, historical discrepancy between the productive forces of nature and society and population according to archaeological data. It includes data about quantity of Bronze Age mounds and perspectives of its interpretation. Author defined guidelines for the identification and isolation of objects of archaeological heritage. The expanding inventory of archaeological sites and barrow proves the relevance of this issue, one is of great importance for scientific purposes as well as for practical aims. The article investigates amount of burials, and demographic situation. The type of topographic position as well as the methods of construction are considered in the research. The article analyses the remains of tools for digging the soil for mound, so as technique helped to reduce expenditures of labor. The study allowed to outline the main direction in developing of methods for finding on relief and attribution new archaeological sites. ... strations_

This is probably one of the key regions for Northern Late Proto-Indo-European expansion from the Repin culture, since genetic material is scarce from these sites (and to the west), and is supposed to hide R1b-L51 (or maybe even R1a-M417) lineages.
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